JuniStat® is the smart mobile technology that helps clubs and academies identify and develop talents in football (soccer)

15 individual tests scientifically proven to impact soccer performance

Started in 2020 by a cross-cultural team of second-time entrepreneurs and IT engineers

We combined our cutting-edge AI and computer vision technology with our passion for sports to create the first digital hub for players, coaches, scouts and clubs worldwide. Using mobile phone footage, our algorithms can identify accurately every movement and provide advanced analysis on a variety of drills. The data is available in our apps JuniStat & JuniCoach allowing our users to track their performances and also giving players visibility in our international talent base.

Based on this sports technology, we’re building a TID (talent identification system) where young players have digital profiles and ratings according to their achievements. This system collects and provides objective statistical data on footballers globally and significantly increases players’ chances to get scouted online, without any barriers, but only due to their talent, persistence, and motivation.


Digitalization is inevitable for many industries, and sports is no exception

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