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Unleash Your Child's Abilities

The App that helps a young player improve skills and get an invitation from soccer academies and schools

JuniStat will help to determine the potential of a player in soccer

Computer Vision Tests and Skills Assessment

World ranking of players by age group

Interaction with soccer schools and academies

Why use JuniStat?

Save time and money

You do not need to spend money and time on trips for trials. Tests can be passed through the application anywhere in the world, and it can send an application to the academy

More capabilities to get to a trial

Scouts and coaches see rating and results, so the tournament is no longer the only opportunity to demonstrate player skills to soccer schools

Fully objective assessment of achievements

Tests are evaluated not by a person, but by a computer with machine vision technology. The machine does not get tired and it has no personal preferences when evaluating the skills of players

Easy player tracking technology

You can see the strengths and improvements of the player. When regularly passing testing, you will be able to see the dynamics of development and understand what should be emphasized in the near future


What player age is this App for?

The App is designed for players of any age. We are sure that it will be interesting to use both professionals building soccer career and sports enthusiasts who play soccer to stay in shape.

Will the child be able to perform all the tests itself?

Yes. Each test has a detailed instruction, video and sample execution. You can also help the player shoot tests.

Can I get to CSKA or Spartak?

The platform will have a list of registered schools and academies. Through JuniStat, the child will be able to get to see any of them, but we cannot promise that any results of the tests will be a guarantee of enrollment in the top academies.

How reliable is the rating in JuniStat?

JuniStat rating is a reliable and impartial tool for assessing physical and technical training skills. Data from different tests duplicates and complements each other, therefore, regular completion of tests ensures that assessments meet the current development of the player's soccer skills.

JuniStat uses