How long does it take to process a test and when will I get the results?

Usually, the test results are processed with one day, but at times it may take up to five days.
Please, follow the instructions when taking the test to reduce the chance of rejection.

How to connect a representative to a player?

There are several ways:

  • Send an invite to join a representative in the player app
  • Register as a representative - and send an invitation to the player
  • If the player is registered by his club, request to the club to add you as a representative of the player

How to pay for your subscription?

You can pay for your subscription in your representative's account.

  1. Login to the representative's account
  2. Select the player you want to subscribe to
  3. Click "Subscribe"

How to track your child's results?

You can follow the player's results in your representative account - mentor or in the player database overall rating in case his profile is open —

Why does the player rating change?

  • The test results become less relevant over time, test regularly to maintain your rating as high as possible
  • Average test scores are improving. New users are performing well which affects the overall ranking
  • Your player scores have declined

How to add video and description to a player’s profile?

  1. Log into your representative’s account
  2. Select the player for which you want to add a video or description.
  3. Select the "About" tab in the menu
  4. Add a description or upload a video
  5. Click "Save"

How to merge two identical player profiles into one?

  1. Login to representative's account
  2. Click the "Merge Profiles" button
  3. Select player profiles from the academy and the JuniStat app

What does the subscription include?

The app subscription gives you access to all tests and also the option to make a player profile visible to other users around the world.

How do I get connected to clubs?

Register in the JuniStat app, test yourself and make your profile visible to clubs and scouts worldwide.

How to unlink a representative from a player?

  1. Log into your representative’s account
  2. Log into your representative’s account
  3. Go to the “Settings” section on his profile
  4. Scroll down and select “Unlink player”

How to delete an account?

Email us Enter the player's name, phone number or email.


How to send an invitation to a representative?

The player does not need to have a representative to do this. Ask the current representative to unlink the player from their profile.

In the academy account

Email the representative

  1. Login to the academy account
  2. Click “Invite a representative” on the list of players
  3. Enter the representative’s email and click “Submit request”

Share Profile

  1. Login to the academy account
  2. Click "Share" on the list of players
  3. Share the link with the representative
  4. The representative must register using this link

In the JuniCoach app

  1. Open the player's list
  2. On the player profile, click “Invite representative”
  3. Fill the email of the representative and click “Send”

How to replace player representative?

Contact the current representative to unlink the player from their profile. When the player has no representative attached to his profile, you can invite a new one.